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The mission of the KC Redemption Recovery Housing Program is to equip, restore, and empower people by providing stability through housing, support through mentorship and case management, and empower through faith ministry.


KC Redemption Recovery Housing & Sober Living (KCRRH)

KC Redemption Recovery Housing & Sober Living (KCRRH) Program assists individuals in transition and recovery find a home.  Our case managers work with clients struggling with substance use and homelessness to connect them with resources and provide a plan to keep them sober and out of prison.

A faith-based program, our participants attend weekly meetings to benefit their religious or spiritual health.  We understand the importance of providing options that include all aspects of health. Focusing on religious and spiritual health gives participants an opportunity to express their spiritual beliefs and strengthen their faith.

For individuals looking to re-enter the community, or find sobriety, our programs will support your efforts and provide those stabilizing factors that will make you successful.




MARY'S HOUSE (female)

Mary House

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