"When the Second Chance is the Best Chance"

Everyone needs a second chance.  At Kc Redemption, we understand that.  We work with people without judgement and seek to find solutions.  With us, you don't have to worry about your past, you just simply have to let us help you into the future.

If you are ready to start anew, and are ready to put in the work, we are here to help you.  Second chances don't always come around, but when they do its important that you take it.

"Sometimes life gives you a second chance because just maybe the first time you weren't ready."



How We Began

Mark Byrd, a strong community leader for education and President and Founder of New Reflections Technical Institute, has worked tirelessly to provide Kansas City with the services needed to change the way people live and how they view their community.  For nearly 20 years Mark has developed a plan to address the social and economic ills that plague our community each and every day.  The programs he has created over the years have changed lives in a way that was not possible before.  He introduced vocational and technical training into an arena that was desperately looking for solutions.

Through it all, he has targeted segments of the community that were disadvantaged and at-risk and created alternatives to the traditional manner in which the community viewed education, training, and our most disadvantaged.

As more challenges and barriers presented themselves for ex-offenders, Mark knew the next step in helping the community was to create a plan for those who had been incarcerated and were being released with little to no support.  With that in mind, he started KC Redemption, LLC.

KC Redemption, through its' diversion and re-entry programs, works with court advocates, caseworkers, community partners, vocational schools and employers, to provide comprehensive programming that assists in the reduction of recidivism and the strengthening of our returning friends and family.  This program is geared to provide the support, guidance, and advocacy on the road to re-establishing community responsibility and self-sustainability.

As a visionary, Mark Byrd has created a way for ex-offenders when there was seemingly none.  He gives hope to those who are hopeless and lifts them up and prepares them for a better life.  KC Redemption is the continuing vision of a man dedicated to the success of every individual, no matter who you are or what you have been through.



KC Redemption Diversion programs work to keep you out of prison. If you have already been incarcerated, we offer services and programs to help keep you from going back.  If you are in threat of potential incarceration, our advocacy programs and services can help provide an alternative avenue. Job training and education, housing, recovery services, and others are a part of our prevention activities to keep you with your family and out of prison.


Currently incarcerated or recently released? Kc Redemption re-entry services helps make the transition back to the community smooth and less stressful. Identifying resources, connecting you with supportive services, and focusing on financial stability are the tools we use to remove the barriers to re-entry and family reunification.  The challenges facing recently released individuals are unique and require special programs to alleviate blocks to your successful re-integration.


Kc Redemption understands housing is a fundamental basic need.  Ex-offenders coming from prison have to work to ensure they have a solid home plan to begin the process of re-integrating back into the community.  Housing programs under KC Redemption focus on recovery, employment, and education.




Our programs focus on creating opportunities for employment.  Employment is one of the most important aspects of changing our client's life.

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